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National 'ShakeOut' Day - Thursday October 15th - 9:15am.  CSC has registered for this opportunity to take a look at our emergency procedures and educate our students about the best actions to take in the event of an earthquake.
Welcome to Our Community

Central Southland College is a vibrant and supportive school community. We work hard to provide a wealth of opportunities and experiences for our students and believe in offering a foundation which effectively prepares every young person for life after secondary school in the 21st Century.

Nestled in Winton, with the backdrop of rural Southland, Central Southland College is perfectly placed to draw on all that New Zealand has to offer. We value and utilise a wide range of links with our local community while also embracing technology to ensure we stay connected and involved in wider New Zealand life.

We are extremely proud of our record of academic, sporting and cultural successes with a focus on setting clear goals to ensure that every student strives for, and reaches, their own potential. In conjunction with this, numerous student-led initiatives are encouraged and supported throughout the school to ensure that our young people are well-rounded citizens who contribute positively to life within, and beyond, the College.

Thank you for taking the time to view our site. We look forward to meeting you. 

   Grant Dick   

School Interviews
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2014 Prizegiving
Congratulations to 
Chelsea Clark - Proxime Accessit and Alvi Nanat - Dux 

CSC 50th Jubilee
Labour Weekend 2015
23rd - 25th of October
Registration and information website will be coming online soon...
Any advance inquiries can be made via email to
Plans are now underway for a great weekend