Board of Trustees

Parent and Staff Election results

Central Southland College

Board of Trustees Election

Declaration of Parent and Staff Election Results

Parent representatives votes:

Name                                                                                                  Votes

Blomfield, Karen                                                                                179
Bryan, Stewart                                                                                   167
Dobson, Steven                                                                                 185
Macgregor, Joanne                                                                            182
Schuurmans, Jeroen                                                                            38
van Miltenburg, Frank                                                                        122
Invalid Votes:                                                                                          3

I hereby declare the following duly elected:

Karen Blomfield
Stewart Bryan

Steven Dobson

Joanne Macgregor

Frank van Miltenburg

Staff representative votes:
At the close of nominations, as there was only one valid nomination received

I hereby declare Malcolm Jones duly elected.

Jay Shaw

Returning Officer

Board Members 2016


Steve Dobson

Deputy Chairperson

Stewart Bryan


Grant Dick (Principal)

Karen Blomfield

Joanne MacGregor

Frank van Miltenberg

Saph Lamont (Student)

Malcolm Jones (Staff)

In Attendance

Pat Dodd (Secretary)

Cameron Davis (Deputy Principal)

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Board meeting minutes are published once they have been approved at the subsequent meeting.

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